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DJR Jeeves Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm that specializes in solving business problems in marketing, operations, and strategy.  Our firm brings experience from Fortune 500 companies spanning across many industries including Travel & Entertainment, Cruise, Payments, Contact Center, Marketing, and Insurance. Our approach to management consulting is simple. It is our goal to set your business on the right path with the tools needed to crush your competition. We want to help your company achieve profitable growth, and we believe that relationships are the heart of business. Our consulting firm is straightforward, honest, realistic, future-focused, customer-centric, and humble. DJR Jeeves Consulting is committed to enhancing the performance of your business.


Marketing is tough to crack. From snail mail to digital, there are endless marketing tactics. Acquiring customers, keeping customers, and providing a delightful experience is how to win at this game. In marketing, it is important to know everything about your customers. Furthermore, identifying your target market is critical. Lastly, customer experience is the foundation of your business and it is the key to driving loyalty.  DJR Jeeves Consulting  will boost your marketing effectiveness.

CUstomer Acquisition

Customer Retention

Customer Experience


As a business owner it is challenging to devote the attention that is needed to every aspect of your business. The data that your business generates will help you make smart decisions that will lead to higher profit and higher customer satisfaction. Whether you run a retail store, restaurant, or e-commerce website you need to operate with precision. DJR Jeeves Consulting will fine-tune your operations

Payments acceptance

Billing & Collections

Dashboards & Process Improvement


Strategy is about building an ecosystem that is difficult to replicate and differentiated from competition.  Competitive Advantages are attained by design not by chance. By using Porter’s 5 Forces, VARC Framework, and Virtuous Cycle Process Mapping; gaps in your strategy can be identified. DJR Jeeves Consulting will bolster your strategy.

Competitive analysis

Value creation

Virtuous Cycle development

Douglas Rimler

Lead Consultant

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