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Comprised of a giant interconnected web of phone trees and humans, contact centers are a major component of many businesses in the United States.  Contact centers are a great way to connect with your customer from sales to servicing and everything in between.  Hearing the voice of a real human is reassuring and comforting when you are making a big decision or trying to troubleshoot an issue.  The reality is that we are not only communicating with businesses via phone, but chat, e-mail, and other IoT devices are becoming more common. The contact center of the future is here today.  Managing contact centers is difficult due to complex software, multiple communication channels, and high customer expectations.  DJR Jeeves Consulting is here to help your contact center thrive.

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There are plenty of companies out there to provide you with the infrastructure to build your contact center, such as, Avaya and Vonage.  Depending on the size of your business and how you would like to operate your contact center there are many companies out there that that can enhance your delivery to the customer.  From call recording systems to survey collection software there is a plethora of contact center enhancements to choose from. Navigating the enhancement options can make your head spin, but the most important thing to remember is that your customers need to have a good experience. Contact centers revolve around the customer.  Time on the phone costs money.  Time from your customer costs business.


Today the phone may be the primary method of communication between customers and businesses, but other communication channels are on the rise.  The customer wants to reach your business in the way that they desire to reach your business.  The customer may want to interact with your business through Facebook Messenger, e-mail, text, or face to face.  Making sure that your operation is seamless on all channels is a highly ranking priority.  The last thing your business wants is a customer who has gotten different information from different communication channels.  Innovation in this space is on the rise.  Companies are using chatbots and plugging in to the APIs from Alexa and Siri.  Your business needs to be where the customer wants you to be.

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Data Analytics

How do you staff your call center? How are calls routed? Who are calls routed to?  Is the issue resolved, or will the customer have to call back? Can the customer call back the same person if they get disconnected? Where are your calls coming from? What is the reason that customers are contacting your business?  Are you selling something?  What are your expenses?  Should different customers be treated differently?  The questions are endless when it comes to analyzing the data in your contact center.  It is mission critical for a business to understand its contact center metrics because the resources devoted to a contact center are sometimes limited.  In this scenario your business will have to determine the highest level of service that you can perform given the budget constraints.

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