Choosing a Consulting Firm

Getting your business back on track or growing faster sometimes requires the expertise of a consultant.  The question is, who should you choose to help your business?  There are many options when choosing a consultant, but my advice is to choose a boutique consulting firm.

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Skin in the Game

A boutique consulting firm may not have the big name and history to fall back on, but that does not necessarily mean that the consulting firm lacks skill or knowledge.  In fact, a smaller consulting firm has more at stake than a larger consulting firm.  Let’s take for example Boston Consulting Group or McKinsey & Company.  Both of these firms have years of successful engagements with clients, but if they had a flop you would never hear about it.  Big consulting firms tout about their successes and diminish their failures.  Do you really think that every client of big consulting firm has seen the results they were promised?  A boutique consulting firm needs to produce results in order to stay in business.  If a boutique consulting firm fails to provide a client with the results they were promised than the firm will have a very difficult time finding its next client.  When you are choosing a consulting firm consider how much of an interest the consulting firm has in your business.  Does the consulting firm personally care if your business grows, or are you just another client?

Personal Relationship

A boutique consulting firm will work with you on a personal level, which you may not find in a bigger consulting firm.  Typically a bigger consulting firm has tiers of management, and the people doing the work are not speaking with your business directly. Boutique consulting firms work with you face to face and complete the work to your satisfaction.  Your concerns will be expressed to the consulting firm directly and there will be no layers of management for your message to be transmitted incorrectly.  Lastly, if you hire a big consulting firm to help you on a project it is unlikely that you will ever see that same consultant again.  With a boutique consulting firm you can contact the firm and pick up where you left off. A personal relationship is a valuable relationship.

Price vs. Quality

When you choose a consulting firm to help your business you want quality work, furthermore, you want to see results.  I can assure you that no matter who you hire as a consultant there is no guarantee that the consulting engagement will produce the expected results.  Something you may want to consider is how the success of the consulting engagement is measured.  If the firm you are choosing creates their own metrics to monitor their effectiveness; make sure you dig into the numbers to really understand what is happening.  A big consulting firm is going to cost you big money.  On the other hand, a boutique consulting firm may be cheaper.  Given that the results of an consulting engagement are uncertain it would make sense to choose the cheaper option.

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