Where are you Searching?

Where are you searching? Based on research from Search Engine Land, Google controls 65% of search queries while Bing accounts for 33%.  These metrics are wrong.  Search is not just taking place in the typical search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Search is now taking place within websites and apps. Here are 3 companies that are taking over search.

Facebook Search

Not only can you find your friends on Facebook, but you can find businesses, groups, news and more.  Since daily active users spend upwards of 30 minutes a day on this platform people are finding content and engaging.  The news feed in a sense is an automated search.  The newsfeed knows what people may be interested in and presents that information to users pre-populated.  Chances are that at least once a day you click on an article in your newsfeed.  You can also type into the search box that Facebook provides.  This search box used to only be used by people to find friends by name, but now searches can be made for anything.  Facebook searches are on the rise.  In platform search is slowly taking away market share from search engines, but you will not see this reflected in search engine metrics.

black amazon echo on table
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You Search Amazon

In order to browse in Amazon a user typically types what they are looking for into a search box.  I would argue that in the past this may have been done in a search engine.  If you wanted to buy shoes online 10 years ago you may have typed into google “where to buy shoes online”. Now consumers skip that step because they already know where they are going to buy shoes.  They then search within the platform that they would like to use. This could take the form of an Amazon search for “men’s wingtip shoes.”  Amazon is also leading the way with Alexa.  Verbal search is on the rise and Alexa’s AI will continue to learn and improve as more and more people ask her questions.

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Apple Search Where?

People have been talking to Siri since 2011.  She has been listening to your questions and finding results for you for quite some time now.  Like Alexa, Siri takes the form of a verbal search.  What differentiates Siri from Alexa is that if you have an iPhone, Siri, follows you everywhere you go.  Siri is with you in the car, on your run, she knows when you wake up.  The best part about Siri is that she can do things for you when your hands are doing other things.  She can make changes to your calendar, set alarms, and find take out restaurants.

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