Mobile Games Raking in Cash

If I told you that a Mobile Gaming App could make upwards of $1 Million dollars in a day, would you believe me? Do you believe Business Cloud? Mobile gaming has been around since mobile phones became popular. If you had a Nokia 3310 phone surely you remember playing Snake. As phones began getting more complex with touch screens and sophisticated chips, so did the games. I remember playing Flight Simulator 1998 on PC and I was amazed to be flying a Cessna in around New York City, but now you can fly a plane on your phone.

person playing candy crush on nokia smartphone
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The Creators

The companies that create mobile games vary from private to public and small to large. Here are a few:

Voodoo, is small private mobile gaming company that just raised $200 Million investment from Goldman Sachs. Their games are somewhat addicting. Give Wind Rider a try!

Playdemic, owned by AT&T Warner Media, was a small private mobile gaming company that became part of a conglomerate through several acquisitions. While the studio produced big hits like Golf Clash, their efforts are now being shifted to creating mobile games for Lego.

Zynga, is a small public company that started growing after developing the game Words With Friends. After listening to the CEO, Marc Pincus, on the podcast Masters of Scale I began to think about where mobile gaming may be in 10 years from now.

luigi and super mario figure
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Some of the bigger public companies that are making mobile games are EA Games, Sony, and Nintendo.

Making Money

In mobile gaming, time is money..literally. One of the major sources of revenue for mobile games is ad serving. Free versions of apps have advertisements, however, users sometimes choose to pay for a better experience without ads which is another revenue source. Gaming has almost always been competitive. With the rise of e-sports, public viewing will likely drive additional revenue. In some cases, these companies are building public viewing arenas similar to traditional sports.

man playing game on personal computer
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Economic Value

In game currencies have value in the real world and players are considered athletes.  Gaming takes time and gamers want to win. In some games, building a character a certain way and finding items that your character uses is random chance built into the game. Just like in real life, scarcity drives prices up. Gamers will spend real money to buy things in the virtual game world.  Also, wagers are now placed on matches between individuals and teams. The competition is intense. With sport betting legalization mobile gaming will turn into the wild west.

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