Time Value of Time

Every once in a while we get a reminder to think critically about the path that we are on in our careers and in our lives.  We reflect on our accomplishments and try to recall if we have any regrets, or if we have missed any opportunities.  Time value of money is the concept that explains how the money we have today is worth more now than that same amount of money at a future time.  Money today is worth more now primarily due to that fact that if we have money now we can take action and invest that money to make more money.  We can have our money work for us.  We need money because it is our universal value system.  Every material thing in our world has a monetary value.  As a culture and society we tend to focus on attaining money so that we can have material things.  Society norms lead us to believe that material things make us happy.  We run a never-ending race to possess more things than we had yesterday. For what?
Our race will never end because the funny thing about money is that there is always more of it.  We print money in a factory, which ironically costs money.  No matter how much money we obtain there will always be more to be had.  We can torment ourselves by always trying to have more money, or worse we can end up in a vicious cycle of making money to live and living to make money.  Money comes and goes, but our time is unknown.  We are not born to make money; we are born to live, and our time is finite. Given that money is a virtually unlimited resource I find it strange that we spend our time chasing after it.  After all, all we know for certain that our time is limited.  The average life expectancy is increasing year after year, but the inevitable result is death.  I hear story after story of those whose lives ended abruptly leaving a life half lived. When our time is coming to an end we regret the chances and risks that we didn’t take.  I believe that as a culture we devalue time and replace it with money.  We all know the saying; “Time is Money”- Benjamin Franklin.  I’m writing this to tell you that time isn’t money.  Time is its own entity completely separate from the monetary value system that we know and live by today.
Time today is worth more than time in the future.  There is a reality that we should recognize in that enjoyment out of our capabilities is not the same at different points on the timeline of our lives.  Some of the greatest things in life are nearly impossible to do once we age.  There are outliers, but rarely do we see a person in their 70’s surfing. We can’t be so certain that we will all reach the average life expectancy. Our bodies age and degrade over time. No matter how well we take care of our bodies, our lives can change drastically in the blink of an eye.  From the day we are born we begin to die.  (I know this is morbid, but it’s the truth) As a culture we need to address and pay more attention to how we spend our time.  Our time is important.  Our time is even more important when we are young.  We load up with debt and live life strapped for cash, chasing after material things when the most important thing we should be chasing after is ticking right inside of us.  It’s time. We don’t know when our clock is going to stop.  Therefore, we should live each day as if it is our last.  We should always remember that our time here is limited, but money will live forever.  Take risks, conquer fears, and live life to the fullest.


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