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The story about how DJR Jeeves Consulting was started would take up more than one page, but here is a short synopsis. I grew up in a small town in New Jersey where your Dunkin’ Donuts coffee was ready for you when you walk in the store. I moved out of New Jersey to attend West Virginia University where I studied accounting and learned valuable life lessons. Disney hired me right after I graduated from West Virginia University and I worked in a variety of capacities including marketing, finance, operations, and data analytics. I was fortunate to attend The University of Florida for a MBA while I worked for Disney in Orlando. A promotion led me to Los Angeles where I moved on from Disney and ventured into the Insurance Industry with Farmers Insurance. Now, I’m following my childhood dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

DJR Jeeves Consulting is dedicated to helping your business achieve results. We will work with you to determine a roadmap for success and examine various opportunities for your business to grow. Contact DJR Jeeves Consulting today for your free consultation!

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