Marketing can be tough to crack. From snail mail to digital, there are endless marketing tactics.  Acquiring customers, keeping customers, and providing a delightful experience is how you win at this game.  Do you know your customer (KYC)? Can you identify your target market? Are your customers satisfied with the interactions that they have with your company?  These are important questions.

Acquiring Customers

What are you doing to acquire new customers?  There are many different types of marketing including Direct Mail, Print, Digital Advertising, Social Media, Traditional Media, Local Events, Co-Branding, and many more.  The ways that you can market are endless, but the end goal is to get new customers. No matter which type of marketing you choose spending the least for the most new customers is a winning marketing strategy.

Keeping Customers

Do you have loyal customers? The hard part is done you’ve won someone over. Now what? Keeping your brand top of mind and engaging with your customer community is very important.  As a business, showing that you care about your customers personally is very important.  Don’t let customer churn eat away at what you earn.  Having loyal customers that promote your brand is a winning marketing strategy.

Delightful Experience

Is your business easy? Friction that the consumer faces during the purchase process or any interaction with your company forces them to go down the path of least resistance.  If your customer experiences friction during any interaction with your company you are at risk of losing business.  Being easy is a winning strategy.